Deltaway Reports Performance Improvements at Dutch WTE Plant

San Francisco—Deltaway Energy International, Inc., a major San Francisco-based waste-to-energy (WTE) and biomass consulting and operations firm, has reported that it achieved record performance improvement at a waste-to-energy plant in the Netherlands, where the company is working under a four-year service contract.

According to the Moerdijk WTE plant’s owner—Dutch waste-processing firm Attero—Deltaway has improved several key performance indicators at Moerdijk, as of mid-2017:

• Reduced planned outage costs by 36 percent

• Reduced planned outage duration by 38 percent

• Increased boiler availability by 4.5 percent

• Reduced regular maintenance costs by 22 percent

• Increased energy efficiency performance by 6 percent

“Deltaway’s improvement projects have led to an annual benefit of more than €20 million,” says Paul Ganzeboom, chief executive officer of Attero BV.

Since 2015, Deltaway has provided an on-site plant manager, outage manager, and engineering support to improve plant performance and reduce maintenance costs. Deltaway is also executing capital improvements, process solutions, and other modifications. Deltaway’s plant manager recently finished his assignment at Moerdijk and has turned over his responsibilities to Attero’s new plant manager, as specified in the companies’ contract.

“Our scope of work at Moerdijk is very similar to what we’ve done at AVR’s Rozenburg WTE plant, where we’ve also delivered improved plant availability—recently exceeding 93 percent,” says Francois Screve, Deltaway’s president and founder. “Improving performance not only helps our client, but brings more clean, renewable energy online.”

Moerdijk is one of only a few high-pressure WTE plants worldwide. It incinerates 1 million tons per year of household and industrial waste to produce steam to generate sustainable electricity on site and through a nearby utility power plant. Sustainably produced electricity from the plant is enough to power about 250,000 households, Screve says.

Deltaway Energy International, Inc. is a worldwide network of experts who focus on engineering, operation and maintenance, and outage support for waste-to-energy and biomass power plants. With experience on more than 40 plants since it was founded in 2003, Deltaway and its experts have current knowledge and expertise in all technologies. The company applies industry best practices and its own proven performance improvement tools, experience, and design solutions to help clients increase income and reduce operating costs. Deltaway is headquartered in Wyoming and maintains offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.