Bill Helliwell
Plant Manager
WTE/biomass plant experience: 4 plants

Plant Manager

Special skills: Troubleshooting and problem solving; getting things done.

Expertise: Plant management, budgeting and financial forecasting, project and outage management, very strong technical skills, recognized pulverized coal controls expert.

Customers like: He listens. If he can assist, he will; if not, he usually can work with the client to develop solutions or alternatives. He enjoys what he does, and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Francois says: “Bill can adapt to client-specific environments and dive into solving technical challenges, from waste treatment to boiler issues.”

What he likes best about Deltaway: The opportunity to use my experience with clients and co-workers and to continue to learn from them all.

Proudest achievement: Recognized by the YMCA of Metropolitan Minneapolis for six years of work as committee chair to successfully help develop the Elk River Community YMCA.

How he spends his time away from work: Traveling with his wife of almost 40 years, walking his dog, struggling at golf.