Jean Bodylski
Senior Power Plant Engineer
WTE and related experience: 40 plants

Senior Power Plant Engineer

WTE and related experience: 40 plants

Joined Deltaway: 2005

Years in industry: 45 in the power industry, 33 in WTE, LFG, biomass, and biogas

Special skills: Jean has been involved in the design and operation of fossil fuel, WTE, biomass, LFG, biogas, RDF, geothermal, solar, and wind power plants.

Expertise: Expert at troubleshooting operating problems in the steam and water cycles during operation and an expert in forensic engineering following major plant equipment failure

Francois says: Jean is a huge source of power plant knowledge for our team. With his extensive experience in designing so many power plants, he’s always coming up with simple and practical solutions to technical challenges”

Customers like: His long experience in the power industry, solving complex mechanical problems with simple solutions

What he likes best about Deltaway: Working with a team of experts in every aspect of WTE plants, from conceptual proposals to operation

Proudest achievement: The Long Beach South East Resource Recovery Facility, from the proposal document through the first year of operation as chief engineer, project manager and chief technology officer, and engineer of record

How he spends his time away from work: Solving SUDOKU-type puzzles, gardening, growing heirloom roses and vegetables, and watching birds in nature