Steve Passage
Senior Director
WTE/biomass plant experience: 20 plants


WTE experience: 20 plants

Joined Deltaway:  2020

Years in industry: 35

Special skills: Negotiations, problem solving, listening

Expertise: Public-private partnerships

Customers like: Winwin attitude; not one side wins, other loses. Visits even when not having an “agenda”.

Francois says: “Steve brings public sector perspective to Deltaway, to complement our team’s skills.”

What he likes best about Deltaway: Unique product in the market, no competitors. Remote working, pre- and post-pandemic

Proudest achievement: Increased a prior employer’s WTE EBITDA from $0 to $28 million in 10 years, resulting in sale of the company for $450 million in 2010

How he spends his time away from work:  Hiking, travel, antiquing, white-water canoeing