WTE and Biomass Power Plant Experience

Turnaround Report

Learn how Deltaway has helped clients greatly improve performance at their WTE and biomass plants.

Wijster The Netherlands

WTE Lentjes Grate, RdF/Massburn

Moerdijk The Netherlands

WTE, Von Roll Massburn

El Nido United States

500 TPD Biomass, ESI fluidized bed

21.2% capacity increase

BRESCO United States

2200 B&W Boiler with Von Roll Stoker

Lillers France

100 Stein spreader stoker

Amsterdam The Netherlands

4200 WTE, W&E massburn

Rozenburg The Netherlands

3500 WTE, DBA Roller Grate massburn

73% reduction in outage duration

Antwerp Belgium

1500 WTE, Fluidized bed and Seghers RdF

Nice France

1300 WTE, Martin massburn

Rotterdam The Netherlands

1200 WTE, Martin massburn

Duiven The Netherlands

1100 WTE, DBA Roller Grate massburn

Oxfordshire England

822 WTE, Martin massburn

Toulon France

780 WTE, Martin massburn

Bilbao Spain

720 WTE, Martin massburn

County Meath Ireland

700 Hazardous waste, Rotary kiln

Nis Serbia

480 WTE, Massburn

Lincolnshire England

411 WTE, Martin massburn

Biebesheim Germany

400 Hazardous waste, Rotary kiln

Brescia Italy

2000 WTE, Martin massburn

Ridham Dock England

1000 Biomass, Kablitz traveling grate

Dijon France

100 Biomass

Rozenburg Biomass The Netherlands

900 Biomass, StandardKessel traveling grate

Nesle France

640 Biomass, Detroit Stoker traveling grate

Pierrelatte France

480 Biomass, Detroit Stoker traveling grate

94.5% boiler availability

Macau China

1730 WTE, Martin massburn

New Dehli India

1500 WTE, Rdf massburn

Doha Qatar

1500 WTE, Seghers massburn

Kaohsiung City Taiwan

1350 WTE, Martin massburn

€1.7M/yr maintenance cost savings

Puxi China

1500 WTE, Steinmuller massburn

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

1500 WTE, massburn

Guangzhou China

1500 WTE, Volund mass burn technology

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

1200 Hyundai, Volund massburn

New Delhi India

1200 WTE, Martin Sanfeng Rdf/Massburn

Hyderabad India

1200 WTE, Waterloo Rdf/Massburn

Lutsao Taiwan

900 WTE, Takuma massburn

Sao Paulo Brazil

800 WTE, Seghers massburn

Karachi Pakistan

750 Biogas, LFG/Engine

Thumbovila Sri Lanka

500 WTE, Zanfeng massburn

American Samoa

75 WTE, Modular

Miami-Dade United States

4200 WTE, Zurn RdF

Pinellas United States

3000 WTE, Martin massburn

Norfolk United States

2000 WTE, Combustion Engineering RdF

Long Beach United States

1380 WTE, Steinmuller massburn

Montgomery United States

1380 WTE, Steinmuller massburn

York United States

1344 WTE, O'Connor Rotary Combustor

Minneapolis United States

1212 WTE, W+E massburn

Quebec City Canada

1000 WTE, Von Roll massburn

Marion United States

600 WTE, Plasco Energy Plasma arc

Savannah United States

500 WTE, Seghers massburn

Bay United States

490 WTE, O'Connor Rotary Combustor

Islip United States

485 WTE, O'Connor Rotary Combustor

Dutchess County United States

456 WTE, O'Connor Rotary Combustor

City of Commerce United States

400 WTE, Detroit Stoker massburn

Alma Canada

200 WTE, Massburn

Tangier Island United States

17 Incineration, Consumat Modular

Okeelanta United States

5400 Biomass, Combustion Engineering vibrating

Chowchilla United States

500 Biomass, ESI fluidized bed

21.2% capacity increase