WTE Textbook Answers Questions about Rapidly Changing Industry

Francois Screve, founder of Deltaway Energy International, Inc., has co-authored a textbook titled Waste to Energy, Second Edition: Technologies and Project Implementation, with fellow industry leader Marc Rogoff, PhD. The new edition, from Amsterdam-based global publisher Elsevier, explores and clarifies the wide range of developments in Waste-to-Energy (WTE) in the 24 years since the release of the first edition.

Waste-to-Energy: Second Edition offers an inside look at how carbon emissions regulations, landfill waste standards, and a move to distributed generation of electricity are impacting the WTE industry. With 20 years of experience in municipal solid WTE plant design and operation—six years in Europe, 12 years in the United States, and two years in Asia—Screve brings an informed, international perspective to the book.

“With this second edition, we looked at the specificity and the impact of local situations on WTE plants in United States, Europe, Asia, and developing countries, providing an understanding of local regulations, waste characteristics, and economics,” says Screve.

Waste-to-Energy, Second Edition key features:

  • The only fully up-to-date survey covering the planning, design, and implementation of WTE facilities
  • Detailed descriptions of the most current and advanced WTE technologies Examination of economic and regulatory factors
  • Information critical to engineers, solid waste managers, and industry decision-makers
  • “The WTE industry has undergone significant changes over the past two decades with the recognition of many best practices to learn and build from, access to cheaper technologies, and stronger financial performances. WTE projects are much more predictable,” says Screve.

    Waste to Energy, Second Edition: Technologies and Project Implementation is available as a hardbound printed edition, and as a downloadable Kindle edition. (Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Elsevier).