New Modeling Tool Helps Deltaway Clients Assess WTE Systems

Amsterdam, the Netherlands—Deltaway Energy International, Inc., a U.S.-based company that deploys experts to operate and support waste-to-energy and biomass power plants worldwide, has added powerful new modeling software to its proprietary DELTASTEAM suite of tools.

Based on a leading thermodynamic simulation program, the new modeling tool—called DELTASTEAM-Power—can be populated with actual operating data from a plant’s control system. The tool then uses the data to perform steam and power generation simulations and model the client’s processes to optimize, troubleshoot, validate, and perform fact-based root cause analysis. It can also be used to build new steam cycle systems and design upgrades for existing systems.

“Since the introduction of DELTASTEAM-Power in early April, Deltaway has begun guiding two clients toward higher revenue through increased power generation, reduced downtime and power loss, improved outage scheduling and scoping, and other benefits,” says Sanaz Allaie, a Deltaway expert who uses DELTASTEAM-Power. “Once a client’s plant is modeled, this tool remains available for many other beneficial applications, such as improving control logics, and changing set points and operating modes.

DELTASTEAM-Power results can be shared through easy-to-generate process diagrams viewable in any web browser or in summary graphs and tables in Excel, which clients can add to budget files, proposals, and PowerPoint presentations. The operating data can also be imported to Deltaway’s DELTASTEAM-Boiler modelling software, which provides refined boiler modeling and completes the DELTASTEAM suite for a full plant modeling and optimization.

Deltaway Energy International, Inc. is a worldwide network of experts with field experience in turnarounds, engineering, operations and maintenance, and outage support at scores of waste-to-energy or biomass plants. The company applies industry best practices and benchmarks and its own proven performance improvement tools, experience, and design solutions to help clients increase income and reduce operating costs and risk. The company is headquartered in Wyoming and maintains offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam.