Steve Passage Joins Deltaway Board, Management Team
Talented veteran brings broad industry expertise and network connections to WTE and biomass operations and maintenance, engineering, and consulting firm.


To better position itself for significant growth, Deltaway Energy International, Inc. has created a board of directors and modified its top management structure.

Founder Francois Screve is now chief executive officer, turning over the role of president to Steve Passage, effective January 1, 2021. Passage is a former CEO of Veolia NA, which provides operations and maintenance services to 10 WTE facilities in North America. Both will serve as directors, along with a third member of the board yet to be named.

“We see tremendous growth opportunities for waste-to-energy generally, and for Deltaway, especially, in coming years,” Screve says. “To best manage our expansion, we determined that we needed to expand our capability in developing new business opportunities, and recruiting more talent.”

Screve and Passage have known each other for more than 20 years, having worked closely together at Veolia until Screve founded Deltaway in 2003. Passage was CEO of Veolia North America and later became a Deltaway client.

“I was impressed with how Deltaway offered a unique, ‘real-world’, operations-based expertise that helped our team optimize performance on our biggest, most complex and difficult facility,” Passage says. “I’m very excited to join this world-class team.”

Deltaway is a U.S.-based company that deploys experts to operate and support waste-to-energy and biomass power plants worldwide. The team has extensive field experience in turnarounds, engineering, operations and maintenance, and outage support at scores of waste-to-energy or biomass plants. They apply industry best practices and benchmarks and Deltaway’s own proven performance improvement tools, experience, and design solutions to help clients increase revenue and reduce operating costs and risk. The company is headquartered in Wyoming and maintains offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam.