Deltaway Assisting with Dominican Republic Landfill Energy Plant

Deltaway Energy International, Inc. has announced that it has contracted with Lajun Corporation to perform a waste characterization and feasibility study related to the development of a power plant fueled by gas and recyclable materials collected from La Duquesa Municipal Landfill in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Duquesa, which Lajun operates, is the country’s largest landfill, receiving about 4,000 tons of garbage per day. A power plant would help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by converting methane from a new gas collection and flaring system into badly needed energy for the Dominican Republic’s power grid. Most of the landfill’s gas is currently released without treatment or control.

“We are very pleased to be invited to be a part of this project, which could make an important contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the region while delivering some significant social benefits for residents of Santo Domingo,” says Francois Screve, Deltaway’s president and founder. The project encompasses a social plan to provide schools, medical care, and sanitation services for people who currently live and work on or near the landfill.

Deltaway’s contract runs from June 2014 through January 2015.