Five Key Steps to a Successful Waste-to-Energy Project

Commission an effective feasibility study that addresses key project parameters, such as waste characterization. Establish realistic estimates of alternative waste disposal options and costs; and local area growth, waste production, and energy demands, etc.

Craft effective contracts between the owner, operation and maintenance contractor, waste supplier, power purchaser, and others.

Develop an all-inclusive financing plan for construction and long-term operation.

Use the EPC contract to ensure an efficient and reliable design, matching equipment selections and effective construction, commissioning, and startup programs

Aim for world-class operation and maintenance performance that applies “industry best practices” for facility management, training, outage/maintenance management, and other services. Integrate the operation and maintenance contractor into the project design and construction process to ensure that the project is developed to maximize its life-cycle returns and not simply minimize up-front capital expenditures