Deltaway Completes Review of CNIM Biomass Plant Design

Deltaway Energy International, Inc. has completed an extensive review of two biomass-fueled power plants for CNIM Group. In March 2014, CNIM asked Deltaway experts to perform a design review of two of its biomass plant projects.

Deltaway reviewed CNIM’s design for a 16-megawatt clean-biomass plant in Nesle, France, and for a 25-megawatt contaminated biomass power plant near Sittingbourne, England. Deltaway experts identified 22 design improvements that are now helping CNIM strengthen its already very solid and efficient biomass plant design.

“Our experience and recognized expertise as a biomass plant operator made us an ideal partner for CNIM and a good complement to its extensive design knowledge,” says Fred Caillard, Deltaway project manager and senior performance engineer.

Clean biomass plants use fuel derived from forestry, sawmills, and agriculture, and have lighter operating and emissions requirements. Contaminated biomass plants use fuel typically derived from construction and urban waste, and are more similar to waste-to-energy plants.

Deltaway Energy International, Inc. is a worldwide network of experts who focus on engineering, operation and maintenance, and outage support for waste-to-energy and biomass power plants. With experience on more than 40 plants since it was founded in 2003, Deltaway and its experts have current knowledge and expertise in all technologies. The company applies industry best practices and its own proven performance improvement tools, experience, and design solutions to help clients increase income and reduce operating costs. Deltaway is headquartered in Wyoming and maintains offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

CNIM Group is a French company whose interests include a range of turnkey industrial solutions with high technological content, including the design, construction, and operation and maintenance of household and biomass waste-to-energy plants.