Deltaway Launches Customized Boiler and Steam-cycle Modeling Tool

Deltaway Energy International, Inc., a major U.S.-based waste-to-energy (WTE) and biomass consulting and operations firm, has announced the launch of a new boiler and steam cycle modeling software for WTE and biomass plants.

Called DELTASTEAM, the application can be used to validate boiler design, to design boiler modifications, or to compute the impact and benefits of process changes on plant operations. The system follows more than 10,000 parameters to compute the full boiler thermal balance in various scenarios, water-side and flue-gas-side temperature and differential pressure profiles, steam and flue gas velocities, tube skin temperatures, corrosion diagrams, and desuperheating flows.

To create DELTASTEAM, Deltaway’s engineering team customized a proven modeling engine developed by Munich-based KED.

“DELTASTEAM is a great tool to help clients increase their EBITDA in a safer way,” says Fred Caillard, Deltaway’s vice president of Performance & Engineering. “We’re now able to model process changes or equipment modifications very precisely and better anticipate issues and identify adjustments that optimize plants.”

“Thanks to DELTASTEAM, I was recently able to confirm in less than 24 hours the feasibility of a superheater bundle bypass for one of our WTE client,” says Tai Jin, a Deltaway performance engineer.

Since the introduction of DELTASTEAM in early April, Deltaway has begun helping a customer optimize its boiler-cleaning program by modeling boiler fouling. At another plant, the company is studying the removal of refractory in a biomass boiler so that it can be replaced with Inconel-cladded waterwall tubes to increase boiler capacity and reduce unscheduled downtime.

Deltaway Energy International, Inc. is a worldwide network of experts who focus on engineering, operation and maintenance, and outage support for waste-to-energy and biomass power plants. With experience on more than 40 plants since it was founded in 2003, Deltaway and its experts have current knowledge and expertise in all technologies. The company applies industry best practices and its own proven performance improvement tools, experience, and design solutions to help clients increase income and reduce operating costs. Deltaway is headquartered in Wyoming and maintains offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.