Try Deltaway’s LHV Tool
Range 2.50%
Fuel Composition % weight LHV (kcal/kg)
Wood/Green Waste % 3394
Food Waste % 440
Paper/Cardboard % 2886
Metal % 0
Glass/Sand/Stone other inerts % 0
Plastic % 6093
Textile % 4746
Tire/Rubber % 8796
Leather % 5955
Total 100%
Results +/-5% High
LHV (kJ/kg)
LHV (kcal/kg)

How to Use this Tool

Deltaway’s LHV Tool helps you estimate the amount of energy in your waste stream available to produce energy in an efficient waste-to-energy plant.

LHV stands for Low Heating Value, while HHV stands for High Heating Value, the difference being in the energy contained in the water vapor created by the combustion. This energy is typically not recovered.

Simply insert figures from your waste characterization study in the column labeled % weight. The LHV Tool will automatically calculate the range of available energy measured in two different units.

If you do not have a recent waste characterization study, or would like Deltaway to create one for you, please contact us.