Deltaway Supports AVR’s Circular Economy Position

By treating landfill waste that cannot be recycled, WTE facilities are helping to support a “circular economy” in the European Union. The facilities extract pure raw materials, like metals and minerals, after incineration; they advance a carbon-free society and reduce EU dependence on outside energy sources; and they offer a sensible alternative to landfilling.

However, some EU member states have insufficient WTE capacity to process combustible waste, while others have an overcapacity. The result: An unbalanced situation of combustible waste processing in the EU.

To help correct the imbalance, our client AVR published a position paper calling for:

  • EU and national policies aligned with the goal of diverting all waste types from landfills;
  • A guarantee of free international movement of combustible waste to better balance WTE plant capacity in EU member states;
  • Incentives for innovation to reduce the consumption of virgin materials and fossil fuels.

Deltaway supports our client’s position on these measures. Read AVR’s entire position paper in response to the European Commission’s “2015 Circular Economy Package”.