Christian Philippe
Vice-President & Senior WTE Engineer
WTE/biomass plant experience: 20 plants

Senior Performance Engineer

WTE and biomass plant experience: 4 plants

Joined Deltaway: 2017

Years in industry: 20

Special skills: Performance improvement skills that take into account a client’s needs, available technical solutions, market conditions, and environmental constraints

Expertise: Strong experience with district heating and utilities, as well as with a range of fuels: biomass, natural gas, coal, and waste-to-energy. Project management, business planning associated with energy balance, combustion, and boiler design.

Customers like: His technical skills and polished, articulate demeanor.

Francois says: “Christian’s experience as a CEO, combined with his vast technical background, make him a valuable asset for complex energy projects.”

What he likes best about Deltaway: The company’s pragmatic, efficient approach to meeting clients’ needs—especially regarding performance improvement.

Proudest achievement: His efforts that saved millions for a client, with a seven-month payback, thanks to a global, pragmatic, and creative approach, and to making the most of existing assets.

How he spends his time away from work: Sailing and “rambling” with his friends.