Ephraim Taylor
Outage Manager
WTE/biomass plant experience: 8 plants

Outage Manager

Joined Deltaway: 2011

Years in industrial construction and power generation: 39

Special skills: Management and Leadership abilities working with others to optimize  planning, preparation and performance resulting in combined success.

Expertise: A proven history of leadership involving besides WTE in mechanical construction, chemical and oil refineries, nuclear power and coal facilities.

What he likes best about Deltaway: “In my time with Deltaway, I’ve experienced a true sense of appreciation of each and every employee. Everyone at Deltaway is at the top of his or her field.”

Proudest achievement: “To have raised my children and to now watch them raise their own.”

How he spends his time away from work: Enjoying family and friends, golfing, boating, and riding his motorcycle.