Francois Screve
Founder (1958-2021)
WTE/biomass plant experience: 43 plants

Founded Deltaway: 2003

Years in industry:  34

Special skills: Ability to recruit and retain top talent where it’s needed.

Expertise: A published expert in waste-to-energy with more than a quarter century of turning theory into performance improvement.

Customers liked: Francois’ results orientation and his ability to listen to owners and plant operations employees.

What he liked best about Deltaway: The ability to work with a team doing what they love to do and what they are best at doing while delivering huge results for clients.

Proudest achievement: Being selected by large clients to manage and turn around WTE projects.

How he spent his time away from work: Francois loved sailing. In 2002, he spent a year sailing with his family. He enjoyed hiking and the outdoors in Wyoming.