Sanaz Allaie
Performance Engineer
WTE/biomass plant experience: 7 plants

Performance Engineer

Special skills: Ability to understand complex concepts, to think through problems and challenges and come up with technical solutions and ideas for improvement.

Expertise: Technical and performance improvements, steam cycles, heat and mass balances, process control, boiler improvements, budget files, waste bunker management.

Customers like: Her holistic approach to problems, technical insight, and application of solutions toward successful results.

What she likes best about Deltaway: Diversity of the work, working with different experts at high level and for every aspect of waste-to-energy plants, flexibility in work.

Proudest achievement: Optimizing a biomass boiler to a stable and reliable boiler, achieving a good level of mixing and waste management in a very chaotic waste bunker combined with a monitoring tool based on crane data.

How she spends her time away from work: Reading, thinking, gardening (permaculture), sports, and travel.